I just don't understand anything!

I just don't understand anything!

I think I'm like Rachel, strangers think I'm more like Santana, I talk like Brittany, I dance like Finn, I'm a bigger geek than Artie, I'm as quiet as Mike, strangers remember me as much as Tina, I want to sing like Mercedes, I'm not anywhere near Puck's badassness, all my friends are like Kurt and I want Quinn as my girlfriend.
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day 234: straight people continue to confound me. even surrounded by them on a daily basis, there is much of their biology and social behavior i don’t understand. hopefully, they will become clearer to me if i remain diligent in my studies. only then will i truly be able to understand nohomo sapiens.

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the best part of today has been the constant stream of people gradually finding out about Naya Rivera’s wedding and the mixed reactions like


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